Make Your Backyard Pool Safer with these Ideas

Constructing a custom pool in your backyard is a blast, especially if you have kids.

However, as fun as pools can be, they can be a danger zone without proper safety features in place. You’ve heard the dreaded and tragic accidents that happen in home swimming pools.

So, it’s your responsibility to make yours enjoyable but safe.

Here are some of the safety features you can consider:

  1. Make use of pool covers; they have a hard top; no child or adult can topple into the pool if they walk on it, preventing accidental drowning. In addition, these covers come with added childproofing locks to help keep the kids out.
  2. Install a gate and a safety fence around the pool’s perimeter– this prevents your kids from getting into the swimming pool when they shouldn’t.
  3. Install pool lights on the inside and outside of the pool – these lights help at night, and someone can easily see the pool without tripping and falling inside. You can also add some motion alarms for added security.
  4. Coat your deck with anti-slip tape – Even on a dry deck, it’s easy for both kids and adults alike to slip from the deck, fall, injure themselves or drown. So, to prevent such from happening, it’s best to coat the deck surrounding the pool with anti-slip tape.
  5. Always keep safety equipment near the pool – accidents do happen, no matter how many safety features you have. So, the other best alternative is to keep all the safety equipment close. You can set up a small storeroom next to the pool for all the safety equipment.

Custom pools don’t have to be fancy or over-the-top pool designs; putting up safety measures can be enough to make your pool stand out and have its uniqueness.

Are you ready to add your twist to your custom pool?

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