Why You Should Replace Your Chain Link Fence with Custom Priefert Ponderosa Fencing

Chain Link Fences are one of the most popular fence options for two good reasons: they are easy to install, and they are by far the cheapest fence.

However, these two aspects don’t disqualify the fact that chain link fencing has a lot of shortcomings such as:

  • They don’t allow any privacy; anyone passing by has an unrestricted view of your property, and this can prove to be a security issue.
  • Minimal property value; if you plan on selling your property in the near future, the inexpensive nature of chain link fence will probably bring you down. Any potential buyer would assume every feature of your home is inexpensive.
  • Aesthetically, chain link is one of the most attractive fence options, especially when it starts to warp and rust. It can downplay the beauty of your outdoors.

So, if you have chain link fencing and plan a replacement, it’s better to consider other materials such as wood fencing. This is because it provides better privacy, and if you desire a more open feel with a contemporary vibe, go for aluminum fencing.

Vinyl fencing is also another good option if you’re looking for a rust-free, mold-free fencing option that doesn’t rot or allow for insect infestation.

However, what if you want the modern feel, the privacy, and yet still a durable fencing option?

We got you covered with our custom fencing option, Priefert Ponderosa fencing.

This unique fencing option combines the rustic charm of pressure-treated wood fencing with no-weld galvanized steel fencing. It also comes with a powder-coated finish that is an added adhesion.

It is the perfect blend of beautiful style fences that offer privacy while allowing some open space. It is durable. On top of it all, it is easily customizable to fit any measurements.

There’s no other fencing option that beats Priefert Ponderosa fencing.

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