Floor Plan Design Trends to Consider for Your Custom Home

You’ve finally decided to build your dream home, Congratulations. So, what design are you choosing?

Your home’s floor plan design is one of the first parts of realizing your dream home. Draw inspirations from these latest floor plan designs to create a functional and stylish custom home:

  1. Consider a great room
    Open floor plans are not going out of style anytime soon, but what’s more popular right now is the cohesiveness of a great room. Its’ casual multi-functional space creates an illusion of more space, there’s more natural lighting, and it’s a perfect space for family time.
    So, instead of going for a living room, how about you shift your design plan to incorporate a great room.
  2. Bring the indoors out
    Most modern homes have the outdoors as the central gathering or the ideal hangout point. The idea of outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and floor plans incorporating sunrooms, porches, and sheltered outdoor spaces is gaining popularity.
    You don’t want to be left behind; these spaces are functional, there’s open sunlight, and enjoying nature from within your home is simply exciting.
  3. Going with a more spacious bathroom
    Homes with spacious bathrooms get the most attention on the market today. The goal of a spacious bathroom is to create an everyday luxurious spa at home. Let your plan feature that.
  4. Dual master suites
    With multi-generational living, perhaps you have your aging parents or your young adult kids living with you at home. Having two master suites makes more sense.
  5. Building with sustainability in mind
    Recycled building materials, solar capabilities, strategically placed windows and other floor plan options that are kind to the environment and energy-efficient are the most in-demand designs right now.

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