How Long Does Building a A New House Take?

This question is often in the minds of most soon-to-be homeowners.

Well, here’s the thing, building a new home can be a pretty exciting adventure; for one, you get to build a house to your exact specifications and desired location.

However, there are hurdles that you may need to conquer to get to your finished home.

One of the significant hurdles is time.

The whole process of a new build can take anywhere from 7 months to two years. It all depends on a few factors, such as the size of the home, style, layout, location, and weather of that region.

The time frame will also include:

  • Architectural planning.
  • Obtaining permits.
  • The actual construction process.
  • To the final walk-through.

Averagely most homes built in the US take at least eight months max for homes in new housing developments, but if you’re going custom, the process tends to take a bit longer, even years, since you’re starting from scratch.

How do you shorten the build time?

There are some hurdles you can’t avoid, such as weather issues. But, there are other ways to stay ahead of them and potentially take a shorter time.

Here’s how:

  • Stick to the original plan – Interestingly, sometimes the biggest hurdle can be you. If you’re indecisive or change plans midway, you will drag the whole process. So, make a good plan and learn to stick with it.
  • Have a clear picture of the whole schedule, but also remember to be flexible
  • Always keep an open line of communication – to stay on track, regularly communicate with your builder, get to know the whole process and the progress, and handle any issues that arise accordingly.

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