Top Picks for Custom Home Design Trends for 2022

One thing that came out of the pandemic was homeowners’ appreciation for their homes.

The creativity and uniqueness in home building and design crowding Pinterest, Instagram, and all social networks in 2022 is amazingly incredible.

From unique layering patterns and bold colors to vintage looks with organic incorporations and more, all these trends are exciting and allow you the freedom of self-expression.

So, if you’re planning a reno or considering a custom home build, here are some trending designs to consider:

  • The brewing popularity of green mixed with brown
    Two of the most beautiful colors of nature are crowning today’s homes. There’s a full-blown obsession with deep rich green tones mixed with caramel and chocolate hues of brown. The outcome is a beautifully rustic yet cool combo.
  • Use of natural elements
    Nature-inspired outlook is making a fantastic comeback in many homes, and this trend is not going out of trend anytime soon.
    It has regained its voice in 2022, from inviting natural light through large windows with glass to organic materials such as stone, wood, floral and animal-inspired prints on upholstery and fabrics, as well as hand-crafted art and masonry.
    The interior design trend, famously known as the biophilic design, is all about creating a connection with nature, and its visual appeal is to die for.
  • Dark themed bathrooms and kitchens
    Changing the mood of the kitchen and bathroom from light tones to darker ones is a move that has been embraced by some, while some are still skeptical about it.
    However, you can take this risk if you want to create a little drama in a rather unusual space. You’ll surely love it.
  • Patterns on bold colors
    Everyone is loving this trend. It is one surefire way of expressing yourself in that bold color that you love and speaks to you and layering it with art and pattern pieces of your choice. The result, of course, is a unique and perfect space that only you get.

Whatever you envision your home to be this new year, you can make it a reality. All you need is a professional to help create that beautiful and happy place you desire.

Let JC Boyd Custom Builders Help You with your Custom Home Design

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