Factors to Consider Before Starting a Land Clearing Job

Land clearing is not just a matter of taking up a power tool and digging and ferrying off the soil. There’s more to it than you may think;

  • There’s land preparation, which is the removal of the vegetation

  • That’s followed by stump and tree removal, including all the roots

  • Then grading has to be done to compact the soil and reduce soil erosion

  • Lastly is re-sloping, done to aid proper drainage

These tasks may look simple, but they are pretty hard to pull off, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

However, whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, some essential factors will help aid your land clearing process;

  1. Land pre-inspection
    Have a team inspect the piece of land, noting the topography, the presence of big objects like hills, and the trees and other features that you’ll be dealing with.

  2. The zoning codes and permits of the area
    Land clearing is one big project that will definitely require permits. So check with the local government, find out all you need, and prove the permits before getting to the actual process.

  3. Have a budget
    Whether you’re renting equipment and tools or hiring land clearing services, you still need to establish a budget so that you avoid overspending or getting stuck.
    If you plan to hire a land clearing company, get different estimates to help you set a realistic budget, and most importantly, hire a company with experience and credibility.

  4. Know your lot
    Accidents happen, and you might end up clearing part of a land that is not yours. So mark out your property or, better still, fence off the lot you need to be cleared.

  5. Lastly, put measures in place to counter soil erosion and water runoffs, especially if you’re clearing land next to public areas; you don’t want to pay a fine for failing to do so.

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