How Do I Get Rid of a Tree Stump on My Property?

You’ve recently had a land clearing project that involved tree removal, and now you’re stuck with the stumps? We are here to help.

From experts’ perspectives, stumps need to be taken out. This is why;

Old tree trumps are an eyesore, and especially when left lying in a residential area. They can result in a breeding ground for uninvited wildlife like small rodents and termites.

On top of it all, as the stump decays, it may leave a sinkhole, potentially dangerous to anyone who isn’t aware of its presence.

That is why it’s essential to rid your space of stumps after a land clearing project.

That said, stump removal is not a job you can do on your own, especially with the huge ones that have been in the ground for years.

Before you take on the task, here are a few considerations that may convince you otherwise:

  • The tree’s root base can be much more extensive than you think, maybe intertwined with underground pipes, soils, and any other valuable connections below the ground.
  • Attempting the removal may mean damaging some of these utilities below the ground.
  • The actual stump removal involves the use of heavy machines such as excavators, bulldozers, etc. Do you have experience with these machines?
  • Perhaps you succeed in removing the stump; how do you dispose of it?

There’s a better way of doing this – hiring professionals.

A professional knows how to go around stump removal, making sure all underground utilities are properly marked to ensure they are not damaged in the process.

After the removal, the experts will ensure to haul off the stump to an environmentally approved location.

However, the only problem with stump removal is that you’ll be left with a gaping hole that can be dangerous if left unfilled.

Stump removal is also labor-intensive. If you want a less intensive route of dealing with tree stumps, stump grinding is an option.

This is simply shredding down the stumps to smaller wood chips that can be used as a mulch. The downside is that the tree roots will remain in the ground and may take almost 10years to decay fully.

So, in case you have any landscaping plans, stump grinding may hinder them.

But not to worry, there is always a solution to every problem. In this case, the answer lies with the experts.

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