Deciding on The Best Swimming Pool Design for Your Home

Have you been dreaming of building a custom pool in your backyard?

How about you start today?

The best thing about building custom pools is you can never run out of styles and designs to implement. In fact, you have so many design options, which may prove challenging to decide on which is your right fit.

To help you pick the right pool design, you have to take into consideration:

  • Your home’s design
  • Your lifestyle
  • Personal preference
  • And your budget as well

Home design

The space available in your backyard and your home design greatly influences your pool design. If you have a small backyard space, a lagoon-style freeform pool is an ideal choice.

And if your backyard has a bigger space with a stunning view, a vanishing edge pool is a fantastic choice to go with. It’s not only beautiful, but it will also improve your home’s value by a large margin.


Another important consideration is how you’ll be using the pool. If you’d want a pool for swimming laps, a geometric design is a great option.

Do you love entertaining? If yes, you can consider adding pool features such as a fire pit with a seating area. A water slide would also be a perfect fit.

And if you have kids, you can consider a pool design with a kid’s section as well.

Personal preference

Your custom pool design comes down to your personal twist. A touch of nature-like feel, including a waterfall or fountain with LED lights, makes a fantastic oasis.

For a more glam staycation feel, you can extend your pool to feature a spa, hot-tub or adding sun shelves for a beach-like entry.

There are multiple ways you can incorporate your twist into your design; you just have to make sure your budget allows it.

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