Need a Backyard Upgrade? Consider a Swimming Pond

For the lovers of nature and non-fanatics of chlorine, there’s an exciting new pool trend I bet you will love.

And this is not just any pool. Well, it’s pretty much a good compromise of a pool and a pond – a swimming pond.

What is a swimming pond?

This is ideally a natural ecosystem swimming pool/large-scale pond. It’s a 50/50 compromise. The swimming pond is designed to feature two parts:

  • The swimming part
  • The filtration part; which is primarily biological but can also be mechanical

The biological filtration part of the swimming pond often consists of vegetation, like water lilies, flag irises, or other marsh plants planted in a substrate or gravel.

The planted parts help in the natural filtration and purification of the swimming water while keeping phosphate levels down and eliminating nitrates from the water.

Being purely natural, no harsh chlorine or any other chemicals are present to irritate your skin when swimming.

And as a pond, you also get to attract wildlife such as birds, tadpoles, dragonflies, etc. However, to avoid dangerous critters such as snakes, you’ll need to keep the surrounding grass short.

In addition, the fact that it is a pond means it requires less maintenance than a pool. For example, the pond naturally cleans itself, and even in winter, you can leave it uncovered. It can make a tremendous ice-skating rink for your family.

The only catch is the upfront costs.

How much is a swimming pond?

Compared to a swimming pool, a swimming pond is expensive. However, a gunite swimming pool will need to be resurfaced at least every six years, but a pond will last 30 years while requiring less maintenance.

So, if you think about it, you’ll only be spending much on the installation and enjoy the next 30 years swimming while enjoying your natural ecosystem.

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