What are the Benefits of Building a Custom Pool

Swimming pools are all about luxury and relaxation, but when it comes to buying or building a pool there is a lot more to know than just the shape and size.

In this post, we dive into some of the benefits of building a custom-built pool. Whether you are looking for an oasis in your backyard or a refreshing break from your busy schedule, read on- these benefits will make you want to build an in-ground pool right now!

  1. You get to choose the features
    There are many custom features you can add to a pool when building one from scratch. Do you want a glass view door to see your kids from the kitchen? How about a themed area with diving platforms and fountains? It can all be done!
    These extras might come with a price tag but hey, your pool is yours, so why not make it exactly how you want it?
    You can even pick different colors for different parts of the pool- talk about luxury! Whether you’re looking for an outdoor hot tub or your very own swimming hole, there are plenty of extra features that can be added on.
  2. Pool design
    You probably know this, but you can actually get several different designs for your custom pool. You can have your pool built with a zero-entry area for toddlers, or a lap lane that’s designed to maintain proper swimming form and posture. There are even waterslides that can be installed in your pool too!
  3. You can negotiate the prices
    Aesthetic features such as waterfalls, slides and diving boards might be costly to install when buying a prefabricated pool, but when you build your own you can choose exactly how much money to spend on these things.
  4. You get to pick where it goes
    Think about how nice it would be to have a custom-built pool that fits into your backyard space perfectly. Would you prefer a pool that has two different levels or multiple pools? The options are endless, and you get to choose from any of them.
    You could even ask for a divider in one or two parts of the pool so that you can have different depths at different points- if that is what you want.
  5. The pool will be perfectly sized
    Another benefit of building a custom pool is the fact that it will allow you to make sure it is perfectly sized to fit into your yard and around other features such as trees and patios.

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