Factors to Consider for Your Pool Placement

Like most homeowners, your pool is probably one of those features that qualify as a highlight for your home.

It’s one area you can create many memories with your family because it provides countless hours of enjoyment. On the plus side, you have so many options to incorporate into your pool design.

It’s natural to think of the aesthetics your pool is going to bring to your home.

However, to pull you away from the dreamland a little bit, there are more pressing matters when it comes to building custom pools, such as the pool placement in light of:

  • Your property slopes
    It doesn’t take a genius to know that a pool should be installed on leveled ground.
    That is why it’s essential to first consult with a pool contractor and have them evaluate your property and advise on the best spot for a pool placement.
  • The pre-existing underground features
    Underground utility lines and septic systems will also greatly influence where your pool gets installed. Probably best somewhere not too close to these systems.
  • How much space there is in your lot to accommodate a pool
    Before you settle on the best location, the size and shape of your pool matter a lot.
    Part of the pool contractor assessment of your lot is considering if the size and shape of your pool can fit in your chosen location.
  • The proximity of the pool to your home
    As we mentioned before, the pool can be the highlight of your home, so it should be visible from the house.
    To make it blend nicely into your home design, you can consider incorporating the pool into your existing deck, patio, or other hardscape features in your yard.

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