Why We Recommend Priefert Ponderosa Fencing

Fact, the correct definition of a good fence is one that perfectly dresses a home both beautifully and functionally. With Priefert Ponderosa fencing, you get all that.

What are the features of Priefert Ponderosa fencing?

A Priefert Ponderosa fence combines no-weld steel fencing and rustic wood fencing with a perfect powder-coated tubing finish, which acts as an added adhesion.

The no-weld design reduces the installation hassle, especially for DIYers.

The steel is galvanized, which makes it not only beautiful but durable as well. The wood is also pressure-treated to ensure its longevity.

The finish helps to resist fading and makes it low maintenance and an attractive solution for residential fencing.

It is also perfect for ranch fencing as it is strong enough to handle livestock pressure while offering a domed top for safety and watershed.

Another great advantage of this fencing is, it can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

And because of the rustic natural nature of wood, you’re sure to get many different earth tone colors, plus you can also get other custom textures and colors.

In the fence industry, nothing beats this custom fencing option. So, if you want it for your property, better call your nearest custom fence building services asap.

What’s the cost of Priefert Ponderosa Fencing?

On average, the price of this fencing ranges from $14 per linear foot, but bear in mind the installation cost would vary depending on:

  • Where you live
  • The size of your lot
  • The fencing design
  • And the contractor you hire.

The bottom line is this fencing option is beautiful. It outlasts the competition and would make a worthy investment.

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